You may know her as the enigmatic singer of The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, the girl with a razor blade and an ambivalent role in the murder ballads of the alt-rockabilly cult combo. Low-slung fuzz guitar in hand, she’s an icon to fans from Indonesia to Mexico.

But Emanuela always is, was and will be a singer and songwriter in her own right, a nightclub balladeer, consumed by ennui and longing.

And now she presents her songs – some old, some very recent – Songs From the Dark Side of Your Soul.

Emanuela sculpted her songs with the help of producer Neil Brockbank in his London Goldtop Studios into soundscapes that mirror the anguish and joy, the death and life of her narratives. Featuring notable musicians such as Geraint Watkins (Nick Lowe, Paul McCartney), Angie Pollock (Goldfrapp, Tanita Tikaram), Martin Winning (Tanita Tikaram, Van Morrison), Kate St.John (Marianne Faithfull).

The result is: A Girl Like You.

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